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3 Roofing Repairs You Should Have a Roofing Plumber Handle

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When it comes to basic roofing repairs, like broken or missing shingles, then you may know exactly who to call. But there are some other roofing repairs that may not be so cut and dry. These repairs may lead you to question if you should use a roofing contractor, general contractor, or roofing plumber. Here are a few roofing repairs you should always call a roofing plumber to handle and why. 

Gutter Damage

Gutter damage can come in several varieties. You may have some minor issues where the gutter is beginning to sag or break away from the roof line. You may have a more severe issue that is causing wood rot and damage that could enter into the attic space of your home and cause leaks in your ceiling or issues with your insulation. You may be tempted to contact a local roofing contractor, but a roofing plumber can bring their knowledge of roof drainage to the task. This gives them the advantage to repair not only the main issue, but also create a better method for the gutters to attach to your roof line and drain so blockages and sagging do not occur or are reduced in the future.

Drainage Related Leaks

There can be several causes for leaks in your roofing that lead to roof repairs. One of the main issues may be related to the way your roof is draining during rainy weather. A roofing plumber can work with your current roof line and determine where and why the drainage is causing a point of build-up. They can then devise a way to change the drainage path or to lift the area that is causing the most issues. This will lead to a roof repair that not only repairs the leak, but replaces the area with a more compatible roof drainage design for your home.

Shingle Layout

One of the repairs you may face is having your shingle layout repaired due to missing or broken shingles. If the repair does go beyond a simple replacement, and you find that your roofing layout may be contributing to other issues, then a roofing plumber is who you need to call. They can look at your current layout and determine if it played into broken or missing shingles. They can also determine if the layout would contribute to better drainage and run off as well as give you options for shingles that may contribute to better irrigation and drainage for your home.

These are just three of the roofing repairs where a roofing plumber may be the ideal choice. If you think your roofing repairs could benefit from a roofing plumber, contact a local service office, such as O'Boyles Roof Plumbing, today. They can go over pricing, scheduling of repairs, and a consultation to discuss all your roofing issues.