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How a Roof Inspection Can Help Sell Your Home

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If you are thinking of putting your house up for sale, you have probably made sure the garden is in good order, washed the windows and cleared the interior so it looks neat and tidy. One area you may not have given much consideration to is the roof. Although the roof of your property isn't the first thing they will see, potential buyers will still want to know the age and condition of the roof and if you have had to carry out any work on it. If the roof isn't in good condition, your house could be on the market for a very long time. Below is a guide to how your roof can help you sell your house.


People normally only call a roofing service when something has gone badly wrong and they need repairs carried out to their roof. Before putting your house on the market, you should have a professional roofer inspect your roof for damage such as missing tiles or leaks, which you may be unaware of.


After the inspection, you should consult with the roofer and talk about any damage he has found. They should be able to advise you on which repairs are the most important and which could potentially wait. You should not be tempted to skimp on roof repairs. Although potential buyers aren't likely to climb up onto the roof themselves, they may employ a specialist to carry out a survey of the house which will detect any problems with the roof. They will also be able to spot any signs of a damaged or leaky roof, such as damp patches or mould, when they are inside the property. A buyer will not be interested in a property that is having problems with one of its most important parts.

Invest to Add Value

Although it might seem silly to spend money on a property you will not be living in or own, it is important to consider how much value the investment in repairing or replacing the roof will add to the price of your home. Also, a house with a newly installed or repaired roof should sell a lot faster than an un-repaired property, which means your house will not be stuck on the market for many months.

If you are considering selling your home, you should contact a local roofing service and ask them to inspect the roof of your property.