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Home Improvement 101 | Tips for Replacing Your Roof

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A good roof over your house will greatly increase its appeal as well as protect you from the outside elements. However, like many things, it undergoes wear and tear as time inexorably exerts its toll. While roof repair may present a quick solution to many of the problems seen on roofs, it isn't always enough. Serious structural damage will necessitate a roof replacement; nothing else will do. That said, roof replacement is a costly endeavour that will require a lot of time and money. If you are a homeowner looking to replace your roof, here are some valuable tips to get your money's worth.

Consider the season.

The current season is a major factor when planning to replace your roofing. This is because harsh weather conditions normally make roof replacement much harder. Snow and heavy rain will also make the replacement dangerous for you or your roofers. When planning for a roof replacement, consult your weather forecast for a number of days with sunny or cloudy weather. Typically, such conditions are found during spring or summer. These seasons are consequently very popular for roofing and other home renovations. The demand for roofers increases dramatically, so finding a contractor can be time-wasting and expensive. Therefore, secure the services of a roofer beforehand and build a steady working relationship to ensure you aren't left out.

Choose the right material.

It very important to pick the right material when making a roof replacement. In fact, the reason you may need a replacement at all is because the previously used material failed. Base your considerations on a number of factors and not just the cost. Look at their longevity, suitability for various climates and need for maintenance. Consult your roofing contractor to help you make the best choice. Asphalt shingles are cheap and easy to install but have a relatively short lifetime. Clay or concrete tiles are durable and fire-resistant. However, installation is difficult since they require additional framing due to their weight. Metals are a very popular option in Australia since they are durable, lightweight and resistant to many weather conditions.

Ensure proper ventilation.

Ventilation is a major factor that will determine the longevity of your roofing. Without proper insulation, heat can build up in your attic during summer and encourage wood rot that will compromise your roof. During winter, proper ventilation will reduce accumulation of moisture in the attic that provides good conditions for growth of mildew and mould. Therefore, ensuring your roofer includes venting alongside the roof installation will significantly increase its lifetime.