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When to Replace Your Gutters

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Gutters protect your home from water damage by directing the rainwater away from your house. Guttering should protect your walls, interior fixtures and foundation and keep your home in optimal condition. Look out for the telltale signs below to determine if your house needs gutter services:

Cracks and Gaps

If you notice small cracks in your gutters, it is best to hire professional services to keep them from growing into larger splits. Cracks let water in to the fascia boards, shingles and foundation, which is why you need to call roofers as soon as possible. Gutter replacement is needed to repair gutters that are pulling away from the roof and to protect your home from excess moisture.

Peeling Paint

Cracks in the gutters can result in peeling paint or orange flecks due to rust. Rusted gutters are characterised by small holes that let water through to the walls, windows, and foundation. Leaking gutters can also cause the paint on your home to leak due to excess moisture, and you may have to repaint your house if the problem persists. The best approach to preserve your home's paint is to call experienced roofers to repair your gutters.

Water Pools

If you notice stagnant water collecting in your gutters, you will need professional roofers to deal with blockages in the system. They will unblock the gutters so that the water drains the way it should during the rainy season. The problem can be as straightforward as a clog or as complex as a malfunction, which is why you need to contact an expert roofer.

Water Damage Marks

Many homeowners spend a lot of time and money sprucing up their home's exterior, and discolourations on the walls due to leaky gutters can lead all this effort down the drain. Roofers will check the area beneath your gutter regularly for stains and discolourations and repair your gutters to prevent watermarks.

Seam Stress

Homeowners with older or blocked gutters commonly complain about seam stress, where the seams separate due to pressure and let water through. The seams are very vulnerable to stress, which is why they are likely to weaken if there is too much buildup in the gutters. An experienced roofer can install seamless gutters to give your home a sound drainage system.


Damaged gutters leave rainwater to trickle down your home and cause the fascia and soffit to rot. These fixtures are located around the roof's edge, and they absorb a lot of water if the gutter is leaking. You will need gutter replacement to keep the fascia and soffit in good condition.