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Benefits of Using a Granny Flat Kit

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If you build a granny flat in your garden, you can use it for a home office or a holiday retreat for friends. Alternatively, a family member might like to live there. You're allowed to rent a granny flat to a stranger in some states, but you need to check with your local government as the rules differ across Australia. You may wonder whether it would be better to build one of these structures from scratch or use a kit home. Here are several reasons why granny flat kits are a good choice.


Granny flat kits come in a vast array of designs. For example, you could choose a quaint cottage look with weatherboard exterior walls. Alternatively, you might opt for an industrial flat with an angular design using corrugated steel. Another possibility is a sleek modern design. The benefit of granny flat kits is that they're designed by experts. The features are colour harmonised and all parts of the building complement each other. Plus, you can see what the granny flat will look like before you purchase it, so you won't face an unwelcome surprise of the building being different from what you expected.

Landscaping Options

A granny flat kit gives you the best of both worlds as you'll get a predictable building that matches your expectations. However, you can alter its appearance with landscaping. For example, you could lay beautiful natural stone pavers or set up garden beds around the perimeter. Another idea is to spread colourful pebbles or crushed stone around the granny flat in hues that flatter the external walls. You could create a gravel patio area. So you'll benefit from an expertly designed kit home, but you can personalise it with landscaping.


With a granny flat kit, you can set it up yourself if you have the necessary skills and knowledge. Otherwise, you can hire an expert to construct it. Remember that a plot of the garden may need levelling and a concrete slab poured. Additionally, the plumbing and electricity will need to be connected.


Using a granny flat kit is typically more economical than building a design from scratch. The elements have been prefabricated in bulk, which lowers costs. As a result, everything won't need to be made on-site to create a massive construction bill. Thus, you'll save money with a kit home while getting the benefits of expert design and architecture.