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Commercial Roof Coating Advantages

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If installed and maintained correctly, your commercial roof should last for many years. As a part of ongoing maintenance, you'll need to look for tell-tale signs that it is time for repair, restoration or replacement.

If your roof no longer looks good and doesn't perform to its full potential but is still structurally sound, you can benefit from a roof coating job.

As the name suggests, roof coating involves applying a specially formulated product to the surface of an existing roof. The purpose of roof coatings is to improve the performance and appearance of old roofing material.

Read along to acquaint yourself with the top advantages of commercial roof coating.

It increases the life of your existing roof 

All roofs deteriorate over time and will eventually require replacement, but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to make them last longer.

When you coat your commercial roof, you get a durable surface coating that seals leaks and protects the substrate material against inclement weather. The watertight seal restores your roof to its optimal performance, thus prolonging its life.

It can increase energy savings

As a commercial facility owner or manager, you understand that cutting your operating costs helps increase your profits. Using cool roof coatings can help you accomplish this goal.

A cool roof has a highly reflective surface to curb solar heat gain through radiation. When radiant heat from the sun reaches the surface of your roof, most of it gets reflected away, reducing the opportunity for heat transfer into your building.

Since cool roofs stop heat gain, they reduce or potentially eliminate the need for air conditioning. As a result, they can enhance the energy efficiency of your commercial building while saving you money on energy bills.

It costs less than re-roofing or roof replacement

While you may still need to re-roof or replace your current roof in the long term, coating it can return it to its original condition without breaking the bank. A roof coating job doesn't require a tear-off or new roofing material, thus cutting roof renewal costs.

One major drawback of roof coating systems is that they only work on structurally sound roofs. If your roof has suffered significant structural damage, you may need to repair or replace it, depending on the extent of the damage. Contact a roofing contractor that serves your specific area if you need more information about roof coatings and other roofing services.