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Benefits of Using a Granny Flat Kit

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If you build a granny flat in your garden, you can use it for a home office or a holiday retreat for friends. Alternatively, a family member might like to live there. You’re allowed to rent a granny flat to a stranger in some states, but you need to check with your local government as the rules differ across Australia. You may wonder whether it would be better to build one of these structures from scratch or use a kit home. Read More»

Why Metal Roofs Are a Popular Choice for Commercial Roofing Projects

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Because commercial roofs tend to have a low slope or are entirely flat, they’re not good candidates for the roofing materials typically used on residential projects. Some of the popular types of roofing materials you’ll often see being used on commercial buildings include rubber roofing, single-ply membrane roofing, built-up roofing, and metal roofing. Each roofing offers a unique combination of pros and cons that must be carefully looked at before making a final decision. Read More»

FAQs About Wooden Wall Frames

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Timber wall frames have been around for ages for good reasons. Compared to the alternatives, wood is safe for the environment, which lowers your carbon footprint. Wooden walls also insulate your home efficiently, therefore reducing your energy costs. These are just two of the many more reasons why most people choose wooden wall frames over others. If you are still uncertain about this choice, the following FAQs will help you make a more informed decision. Read More»