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Installation Benefits Of Prefabricated Timber Roofing Trusses

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One of the key benefits of using roofing trusses for your property build is that you do not have to handle their construction at all. Trusses can be measured and constructed in prefab designs by a roof truss manufacturer. Apart from easing your construction workload, prefabricated roofing trusses also bear some great advantages when it comes to installation. Read on to see what they are. No space limitations One of the limitations during a build is space. Read More»

Different Roofing Materials You Can Choose From

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When it comes to selecting roofing materials, either for roof restoration or new construction of a home, it is not simply about opting for the cheapest one you come across. Since there is an array of options to choose from, your choice will be dependent on your budget, prevalent weather in your locality, personal preferences, durability of the materials and more. You may also have to consider whether the material can be supported by your roofing frame or not, as some of these materials can be quite heavy. Read More»

Different Reasons Why You May Require Re Roofing

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For most homeowners, the prospect of re roofing is enough to fill them with dread. Not only does this type of project take some time to complete, but it also can cost a pretty penny. However, it is essential to note that in some instances simple roof repairs may not suffice. They could end up just acting as a stopgap as the larger underlying problems keep being exacerbated. Here are some of the different reasons why you may need to consider re roofing in its entirety. Read More»

Some Surprising Benefits of a Roof Restoration Job

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A roof restoration job involves putting a coating over your existing roof when the shingles or metal sheets are not in good repair or when there are holes and leaks, as opposed to removing these pieces and installing a new roof. This coating is usually applied with rollers and your roofer may offer you a variety of coating options, including different colors. Note a few benefits of a roof restoration job versus an entirely new roof altogether. Read More»

3 Roofing Repairs You Should Have a Roofing Plumber Handle

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When it comes to basic roofing repairs, like broken or missing shingles, then you may know exactly who to call. But there are some other roofing repairs that may not be so cut and dry. These repairs may lead you to question if you should use a roofing contractor, general contractor, or roofing plumber. Here are a few roofing repairs you should always call a roofing plumber to handle and why. Read More»

Why Opt for Plasterboard Versus Drywall?

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Many homeowners mistakenly think that plasterboard and drywall are the same product, since both are applied over the frame of a home to create walls. Drywall is actually gypsum sheets that are screwed into the wall studs, and drywall tape is put between the sheets to cover up the seams or gaps. Plasterboard refers to a plaster compound that is applied over a board piece, called blue board, and which then dries and hardens. Read More»

Signs You May Need the Services of Roofing Contractors

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One of the most overlooked areas of the home is the roof. This is quite unfortunate considering that the roof is what provides your entire household protection against the elements. Due to its constant exposure to the changing weather patterns, your roof is likely to suffer from wear and tear. The trick to ensuring that you do not need a complete roof replacement is spotting any damages early and having them repaired before they become exacerbated. Read More»

Choosing the Right Roofing Material for Your Home's New Roof

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When your home needs a new roof, you might take the opportunity to consider the materials available to you. Asphalt shingles are typically the most popular choice for a home’s roof, but they’re not the only choice. Other materials may be better for the environment and more durable overall, and they may even look better. Note a few choices you have for roofing materials so you make the right decision for your home. Read More»

Two Ways To Repair a Sheet Metal Roof

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Sheet metal roofing is widely used by property owners due to the material’s inherent durability and strength. However, like all materials, the metal roof can suffer from occasional damage. For example, a tree may be blown over and strike a section of the roof. If this happens, it is much better to assess and fix the problem immediately, in order to prevent the damage from becoming worse. This article looks at two ways to repair damage like small and larger cracks in a metal roof. Read More»